New In: Vagabond Dioon

Vagabond Dioon Double Buckle Boots - Urban Outfitters

I really couldn't resist any longer and got these beauties at Urban Outfitters yesterday on my trip to London.
I've had my eyes on them for a while now (as you can see in my last post) and now I can say that they are absolutely perfect!!


Instaweek VI

1) Zara Crop Top
2) Yesterday's Lunch
3) Floral Bun Holder
4) An eye drawing I did
5) New sheer dress I'm totally in love with
6) My floral Docs
8) Urban Outfitters fitting room selfie

I'm currently having such an amazing time as an Au Pair in England. Living in High Wycombe, it is very easy for me to travel to London or go shopping- what else could a girl wish for? 
The family is very nice as well and after nearly one month here I can honestly say that it's the best time of my life so far. Being here all by myself I can practise being independent and improve my self confidence (which is  rather lacking, I'm afraid).
I hope you are all doing as well as me! 


I Will Protect You

Sweater - Pimkie / Boots - Dr. Martens / Ring - Topshop

Sorry in advance for my long absence but school has been taking over my life again the past weeks.
I just passed my A-Levels, woohoo! And this of course means that I will finally have enough time for blogging. Over and above being in such high spirits, the weather is incredibly nice and sunny here which is awesome as well.



I don't have much to say today except that these pictures are all perfect because they reflect my style and I really love the gloomy feeling they express.

Hope you have a lovely day, I'll stay at home all day listening to music and playing guitar :)


How Many More Times

Blouse* - Persunmall / Necklace - Primark / Cut-Out Boots - ASOS / Shorts - H&M / Watch - Casio / Rings - H&M, SIX, my grandma / Bracelet - H&M

Good evening!
As I promised, a new outfit post! I guess shorts aren't what you would expect for this cold weather but I added tights in order not to freeze to death.
The blouse is from Persunmall and I really love it because it can be worn in so many ways and I'm looking forward to a few outfits including this shirt.
Aaaand I'm finally an official owner of a pair of cut-out boots after having wanted a pair for ages! They're currently on sale: "ASOS- After All"


Instaweek V

1) Beanie
2) Flash Trash Ring I won in a giveaway
4) New Skirt
5) Graduation Dress
6) Owl drawing
7) Coffee Art
8) New Chunky Heel Boots
9) This is what happens when I try to take a decent picture
10) Vagabond Flatforms
I can't even say how happy I am! I've done all of the 3 written examinations for my Abitur and finally have the time to do something else than learning. In the next days, I'll definitely publish a few posts including outfit posts. I've really missed blogging!

On another note, I've reached 500 followers on bloglovin' yesterday! I'm unbelievable proud as I thought I wouldn't even reach 100. Thanks so much!!!



My 2nd Pair Of Docs!

I'm back with verrrry good news! I just ordered my second pair of Docs for christmas, the most amazing shoes I've ever seen. Originally, I couldn't decide on whether to buy a black or a floral pair but as I saw these, I immediately had to buy them as they are both black and floral! :D
I'm totally in love!


Winter Wishlist

1) Cross Print Sweater - Forever 21
2) Parka - H&M
3) Vagabond "Grace" - Urban Outfitters
4) Floral Docs - Zalando
5) Chunky Geo Necklace - Urban Outfitters
6) Chevron Sweater - Forever 21

I'm lusting after so many things at the moment but unfortunately I'm still a student and don't really have enough money to fulfill all my dreams. (but christmas is yet to come...)

Jacky xxx


No One's There

Dress - Taba  Rome / Denim Jacket - Vintage / Spike Necklace - H&M / Platform Sneakers - Vagabond / Ring - Topshop / Watch - Casio

I'm back with a new outfit post!
I bought this dress when I was in Rome this summer and I immediately fell in love, the collar and dotted pattern is just so lovely! I've been wearing my Vagabond creepers nearly every day since I bought them because they complete every outfit and are absolutely comfortable, I also plan on buying the Vagabond "Grace" boots.
School is taking over my life at the moment because I'll be taking my A-Levels in a few weeks. Lots of exams, reports and homework included... I really hope I'm able to find some time in between to write some posts :)